Clinical Pharmacists Jobs in Ireland

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Want to make it as a Clinical Pharmacist in Ireland?

Take the right steps toward building your career and prepare yourself for an exciting new career as a Clinical Pharmacist in Ireland.

Pharmacists are an integral and important part of the Irish community and play a vital role in the Irish healthcare system. Despite the desire to progress, the idea and procedures of becoming a registered Pharmacist overseas can seem to be dreary. But as you read through, you will come across pointers on the available opportunities in Ireland and how to make it through as a registered Pharmacist.

Career and roles

Clinical Pharmacists are required to dispense medication with information and advice to medical and nursing staff on their use. They are also responsible for the ordering, quality testing, storing and security of drugs and medicines in hospitals and they must ensure an adequate supply of medicine. With the responsibilities a Clinical Pharmacists can also expect big financial rewards and a pleasant working environment. A Clinical Pharmacist can progress to be a consultant or even open their own pharmacy.